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 About Us

 The Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council (LVMAC) formed an association in 2003 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, community-service organization of organizations to support the Lehigh Valley’s active and reserve component military service members, its veterans, and their families because they have made sacrifices for our nation. 

Its mission is to improve the lives of our local military service members, veterans and their families by fostering and coordinating support from businesses, organizations, institutions and communities; and by promoting awareness of the military’s role in defending America through educational programs and public events.

It is a regional organization and operate in the counties of Lehigh and Northampton in Pennsylvania. Membership is open to any public or private organization, regardless of its location, which will support its mission, goals, and objectives for a Lehigh Valley military-veterans community. All its funding is used towards local military-veterans community support.

The scope of its activities is broad and often complex.  As both a forum and as a focal point organization, it provides the opportunity for an entire regional community – not only a veterans-based one – to care for its own.  It teaches others to help in meaningful ways and advocates on behalf of a substantial, local military-veteran community on issues of relevance and importance. It organizes or supports programs which tackle the support of local military units when deployed, the support of families of service members, the transition of returning veterans, and the recovery of veterans requiring additional help.

In summary, LVMAC is a unique, community,  regional organization which:

  • Studies regional veterans and military service member issues and problems and seek solutions.

  • Promotes awareness of our military history and the local veterans and military scene and issues.

  • Works with and assists others when their programs benefit military service members and veterans.

  • Organizes or helps organize needed programs, when they do not exist.

  • Facilitates networking and coordination of the public and private sectors to improve services to local veterans and military and their families.

  • Promotes meaningful veterans and military legislation that can have a regional impact.

  • Serves as a regional meeting place for those in the community concerned about the military and its veterans and their families.

The official registration and financial information of the Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council (LVMAC) may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999 and outside of Pennsylvania, 717-783-1720. Registration does not imply endorsement.