LVMAC Tidbit — Days to Remember: A Year of Films

Until June 2014, the Sigal Museum — Northampton  County Historical and Genealogical Society’s flagship facility and headquarters — sigalmuseum11is presenting a series of films which document some of the significant events related to World War II.  A local company, Reda Productions, produced the films while working with the History Channel. This series is free and open to the public and will run continuously during museum hours. (more…)

LVMAC Tidbit — A Lehigh Valley Museum Finally Gets To It: Vietnam Veterans, Will You?

LVHC Sunsetsm (Brightened)“American involvement in the Vietnam War (1955-1975) was one of the most tumultuous events in modern history. More than fifty years since the war began, Vietnam remains an emotional topic. The goal of this exhibit is to enlarge perspective for this unresolved era … The content will be visual, highly educational, and extremely patriotic. This is exhibit will open in early 2014,” states the exhibit synopsis from the Lehigh County Historical Society (LCHS). (more…)

Forward Observer — Honey, The “In-Laws” Are Back! The Consumer Credit Association (Payday Lenders)

LVMAC Poster Art 2005Editor’s Note:  Kerry Smith, a Staff Attorney for Community Legal Services of Philadelphia was the speaker at our March Council Meeting.  Ms. Smith, at that time, explained the harm of such lending legislation and how other states which have passed such wish they could turn back the clock.  She urged the Council to stand up for our veterans and oppose any such legislation.


Uninvolved Veterans, Get Off Your Derrieres and Protect Your Comrades

The Pennsylvania Council of Chapters, Military Officers Association of America, strongly opposes Senate Bill 975, the Micro Loan Program, recently introduced on May 31, 2013 to legalize payday lending in Pennsylvania at 300% interest on a two-week loan.  We agree with them.  The bill,  which will result in such usury despite possible good intentions, has surprisingly made it out of the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee by a narrow 8 to 6 voting margin and is now on the floor of the Senate for a vote in a few more days.  PA MOAA Payday Ltr 2013 Revised

Since the possibility exists for our legislators to fail to take — or are not given — the time to completely read the bills they vote upon on a Senate or House floor (let alone reflect upon their possible unintended consequences), your timely action could make the difference in their decision-making. (more…)