LVMAC Tidbit — Very First TBI Kinda, Sorta Presumptive Injury List is in Effect

Effective 16 January, a new regulation affecting those veterans living with Traumatic Brain Injury who also have Parkinson’s disease, certain types of dementia, depression, unprovoked seizures or certain diseases of the hypothalamus and pituitary glands takes effect.

From a recent VA news release, “If certain Veterans with service-connected TBI also have one of the five illnesses, then the second illness will also be considered as service connected for the calculation of VA disability compensation.”  The Institute of Medicine has concluded there is sufficient correlation to link these diseases with moderate or severe Traumatic Brain Injury.  Servicemembers who are within 180 days of discharge may also file a pre-discharge claim for TBI and these secondary conditions.

Others have reported this ruling as establishing five new presumptive conditions.  This is incorrect. (more…)