LVMAC News — LVMAC Healthcare Alliance Seeks Executive Assistant

HOC Official Logo 2013Job Announcement

The Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council (LVMAC) is seeking a part-time Executive Assistant for the Veterans Affairs Committee’s Healthcare in Our Community Task Force, an alliance of all the healthcare networks in our community aimed at improving the delivery of services to our military veterans.  The complexity of the project has now risen to the level that demands on the time of participants is such that dedicated, dependable administrative assistance manpower is needed to assistance. If interested, apply immediately!

Forward Observer — The VA Fixes the Veterans Choice Card’s “How the Crow Flies” Issue

LVMAC Poster Art 2005Few doubt that Congress had a point in wanting the Veterans Choice Card provision in the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014 (VACAA) — excessive delays in service merited this temporary measure — but it seems also to have  rushed the Department of Veterans Affairs, whether unfairly or not.  In its haste to respond to short deadlines, the VA has made some poor regulatory decisions along the way. (more…)

LVMAC Tidbit — Treatment Trends Seeks Case Manager for Veterans

TTI LogoVeterans Sanctuary is dead, killed off by a lack of government-private sector cooperation, but Treatment Trends, Inc. persists in seeking ways to assist those veterans with profound drug and alcohol programs find a better life.  Now it is seeking a Veterans Treatment Case Manager to aid veterans who are receiving addiction treatment in Keenan House and the Halfway Home of the Lehigh Valley in an effort to help them access community health, veterans support services, social and VA services.  This part of a “veterans track” effort within the organization and has been recognized by the Office of Veterans Affairs, Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs with grant funding. (more…)

LVMAC Tidbit — VA Health Care Expands Eligibility

va_sealJust announced on 17 March 2015 and effective as of 2015, the VA has eliminated the use of net worth as a determining factor for both health care programs and copayment responsibilities. The intention is to make the program more accessible to low-income veterans.  The VA estimates this may affect only 190,000 Veterans over a five year period, but VA estimates can be wrong. (more…)

LVMAC Tidbit — Permanent Employment for the Chronically Unemployed?

Lehigh Conf of ChurchesOne of the smaller, gold-nugget programs we help fund as part of our effort to assist veterans is Lehigh Conferences of Church’s Permanent Employment Program (PEP) because its vision entails assisting “chronically unemployed individuals to search for, and obtain, meaningful employment by providing barrier assessment, education, case management, and subsidized work experiences in the Lehigh Valley” – in other words, a holistic, work-oriented approach. In so doing, it can take a veteran who was once unemployed to a state of self-sufficiency through meaningful, permanent employment which does not have to be subsidized. (more…)