LVMAC News — Use Your Educational Benefits Wisely Starting 7 November

A's For Vets TwoJust got out and maybe wondering if going back to school is for you — maybe even lacking a little self-confidence about being the right material for a school of higher learning?  Not sure how to best use your educational benefits?  Confused about the process or the next step?  You’ve served in the military,  one of the hardest environments in which to survive even if you did not go into combat — and you’ve done it … what most could not.  Wonder why?  The U.S. military is one of the best trainers and educators in the world, second to none.

So … why not then take advantage of some of the finest educators and subject matter experts in the state to learn about how to train for civilian employment using your military skills, the GI Bill and other benefits.  Why not learn how to use every ounce of your benefits to your advantage and not someone else’s; why not learn from others who are and have just gone through the school on what to look out for, tips and traps.  Why not learn about what jobs are in demand in the Lehigh Valley if you intend to remain here after schooling; why not get to know the schools and trade schools in the area;  and why not just figure out — plain and simple — if school is the right fit for you?   (more…)