LVMAC Tidbit: Local Red Cross Seeks Special Volunteer to Serve Our Military Servicemembers and Their Families

American Red Cross SAF PinOne of our member organizations, the Lehigh Valley-Bucks Chapter of the American Red Cross, wants to re-establish its Services to the Armed Forces (SAF) program in Lehigh, Northampton and Bucks counties.  As a first step, a special kind of volunteer, working with the regional project manager for the program, must be found.

What is the Red Cross’ SAF program in the first place?  It is a longstanding program which supports our service members in the military by connecting them with their families during emergencies, providing them resilience training to deal with the challenges of deployment, and linking their families with local community resources.  (more…)

LVMAC Tidbit: Having Difficulty Finding Employment?

Are you a veteran returning to the Lehigh Valley and looking for a job?  Have you just lost a job?  The question for you might be how best to find one.

Yes, going to college is the typical answer these days, but a job on the other end is never guaranteed.  CareerLink is yet another, but currently lacks the Disability Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) counselor to properly assist.

Going out on a limb, the Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council (LVMAC) believes traditional college training and employment methods are not necessarily the answer for most veterans for finding a job, especially for those with families to immediately support after separation from service — at least until stability is assured.  The GI Bill, a valuable benefit,  is meant to be used wisely, not as a living stipend as sometimes has become the case. (more…)

LVMAC Tidbit: Ritter School Honoring Veterans Once Again

Once again the students of the Ritter School prepare for their well-known Veterans Day event.  It is currently looking for veterans to step up to be interviewed.  Details are provided by clicking on the images below.

The project starts off with interviewing veterans on 27 September.  Students are given the opportunity to interview those who have served or are currently serving our country in one of the highest ways possible: service in the armed forces of the United States.  The end result is a remarkable event honoring these citizens at a school assembly on 9 November, which is open to veterans whether or not interviewed. (more…)

LVMAC Tidbit: Continue Your Service: Now Is the Time to Join the VA?

VA releases data on vacancies as required under MISSION Act

va-logo-featured-news-releaseWhat the VA seeks is a steady, intelligent, reliable, adaptable workers who can tolerate its bureaucracy because a greater good is served and can work in it in creative ways.  Sound like someone who has just completed full-time military service honorably, and is not in the Reserve Components and subject to likely call-up?  It should.

The article below from the VA Office of Public and Intergovernmental Relations suggests good, family-wage employment opportunities, especially if you are willing to travel and relocate, although some of these opportunities now exist in the Greater Lehigh Valley and Eastern Pennsylvania areas.  Regardless, is the idea of relocation new to a professional, military servicemember?  We do not think so — another advantage over your non-veteran peers we have heard.

With over ten percent of its positions vacant and being an organization which is growing, now might be the time to inquire for employment.  And if needed, do not overlook its educational cost offset opportunities.  The G.I. Bill is not the only game in town. (more…)