Finding Other Sources of Help

Local Referral and Assistance Services #

Lehigh County Information and Referral Service: #

For human services assistance in Lehigh County, mainly governmental, refer to Lehigh County’s Information and Referral Unit.

Northampton County Information and Referral Service: #

Northampton County’s version of Lehigh’s I&R Unit is Information, Referral, and Emergency Services .

PA 211: #

Part of a larger national effort, and mainly funded by the United Way, provides a telephone line and a useful website for for social and health services which may be of use.  Simply dial tel: 211.

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Local Resource Finders

DoD’s Military OneSource Installation Resource Finder: #

Military OneSource Installation website is oriented on installations of all types. Useful for finding what exists in Pennsylvania and how to contact.  More than just an installation finder.  Provides available resources from those installations.

Operation Homefront: #

Operation Homefront is a nonprofit organization which provides aid to families struggling not only with emergencies, but also with the problems of everyday life.  For their facebook page is click here .

Army Resources: #

MyArmyBenefits provides a listing of Army and DoD related resources for Pennsylvania useful to all military, veterans and their families.

NGB-FP Local Community Resource Finder: #

National Guard Family Program Local Community Resource FinderNot as useful as it once was — the sense of local community has been lost.


Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation website: You got to be kidding, right? Nope.

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Additional Local Government Resources

Know Your Local Legislators and Local Public Officials: #

Use this Government Directory provided by the Lehigh Valley League of Women Voters. When you just aren’t getting anywhere and the mountain to climb alone is just too high, legislative assistants and/or a legislator may be helpful. Do not expect specialized training or even a basic knowledge of veterans affairs. But then again, such wonders they may perform if smart and diligent.

State Government Phone Numbers: #

Use the Commonwealth Telephone Directory.

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Military Relief Societies #

We could provide you various Army, Marine, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard relief societies, but we recommend you contact our local Red Cross above first to assist as a more efficient, comprehensive way of getting needed assistance, since they collaborate with these organizations when more than 40 miles from a military base, generally (our situation).  Contact tel: 610-865-4400.

Veterans Organizations #

Veterans organizations often have their own support programs. The Red Cross is knowledgeable of some but there are so many. And occasionally what you are looking for is a chapter or post to join or transfer to.  Currency of information is always an issue.  Other than googling a name on the Internet, probably the best way to find current information is to use this VA’s Directory of Service Organizations site, selecting the organization one is interested in, and working one’s way down to local level.

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Last Updated:  25 June 2022 (link and resource updates)

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