Special Efforts in Employment

This page is intended to highlight some of the more unique or needed efforts in employment which often do not get a lot of attention.

Helmets to Hardhats #

Helmets to Hardhats was launched in 2003 to help those discharging from active duty find gainful employment in the building and construction industry. The program is administered by the Department of Defense working jointly with union and employer associations clamoring for veterans. The industry offers the opportunity for high paying, family supporting jobs.  Actually, any retiree, reservist, or veteran can potentially benefit. Eligibility varies by employer. Generally, one must have an honorable discharge, a high school diploma or equivalent, pass a drug test, survive an interview, and be fit to perform work. There is no age restriction. Apprenticeship training and provision for disabled veterans are all part of the program. Though most jobs involve the trades, many employers offer other jobs in their construction companies such as administrative, engineering and management positions. To apply go to the national website above and enter the required information.  A representative will then contact you.

Rodale’s Veteran Farmer Training Program #

The Rodale Institute’s Veteran Farmer Training Program offers a unique, organic farming training program to veterans at no cost. Paid internships are offered and student are assisted with finding housing. It also assists in finding job opportunities for its students.  Opportunities like this are part of a broader movement to engage veterans to take up farming as a profession for the welfare of the nation.  For more information, email Veterans@RodaleInstitute.org or call 610-683-1442.

Troops to Teachers #

When thinking of Troops to Teachers, think of it as Helmets to Hardhats for becoming a teacher.  DoD’s Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) manages the program.  It provides referral assistance and placement services to military personnel interested in beginning a second career in public education as a teacher; and will help applicants identify teacher certification requirements and programs leading to certification.  In certain situations, financial assistance is provided.

Greater Philadelphia Veterans Network (GPVN) #

GPVN is an organization whose primary mission is to provide pre-employment career services, ‘hands on’ mentors and to share potential job leads to transitioning military service members and local veterans. GPVN also offers Veteran Entrepreneurship Seminars, Hiring Veterans Workshops for local companies  and Vet to Vet Volunteering.  Some of the job postings include jobs close to the Lehigh Valley: The main site offers a good, localized resource section and its Linked-In site provides for networking to a job.

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Military Spouse Employment #

A one-stop, employment resource for military spouses, a subject that has gained more and more attention over the years, is probably best found here — another USDOL VETS product.

LVMAC Job Boards #

The Job Boards page is a consolidation of various job-finding boards that have been brought to our attention and appear either worthwhile or superior.  The orientation, is on local work boards or those sites which allow such filtering.


Last Updated:  31 July 2022 (addition of Rodale VFTP)

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