Suicide Prevention

Introduction #

Finding comprehensive guidance for military veterans and their families on the subject of suicide prevention and the factors contributing to it is a spotty affair.  Hopefully these vetted sites will help.

Face the Fight #

Founded at the instigation of USAA in 2023, Face the Fight is a coalition of corporations, foundations, nonprofit and veteran-focused organizations joined together to raise awareness and support for military veteran suicide prevention. Its mission is to break the stigmas associated with suicide in order to open the conversation and then to gather the really needed support an individual might need.  It uses some of the more substantial and wizened government and nonprofit professional organizations and resources out there, and gathers them all in one place to aid the veteran and his family in finding the caring and help they need.

Don’t Wait.  Reach Out. #

Maybe the REACH website associated with this suicide prevention campaign does not look like a suicide prevention effort because it is so “everyman” in nature, but this effort between the VA and the Ad Council, started in September 2023 and is slated to last two years, has a certain brilliance to it and is well laid out. The website has a host of resources organized by the emotional struggles one may having or the life circumstances one may be experiencing.


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Last Updated: 19 April 2024

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