Forward Observer: Bethany Church Launches Effort to Address PTSD and Trauma

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LVMAC Poster Art 2005It is in the formative stage, but the Bethany Church located in the Macungie area, will be hosting two workshops to promote a better understanding PTSD — with the intention of starting a peer-to-peer support group afterwards, if successful.  Led by Scotty Coyle, Pastor of Discipleship and also a current war, combat veteran, the approach is non-clinical, for he is not a clinical psychologist.  However, he is an experienced counselor who has studied PTSD treatments.

It is unfortunate that some veterans will not use the VA’s clinical (hospital and clinic pscyhiatrists/psychologists and peer groups) and non-clinical services (vet centers) already designed for this purpose.  Sometimes accessibility is involved.  However, usually that is not the primary issue.   Therefore, efforts such as these, when done freely and properly, can fill an important vacuum in understanding and leading one back to full health.

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The unique part of this effort is that it is not limited to helping veterans alone, for PTSD commonly occurs in the society in general; and there are secondary trauma effects sometimes visited upon the dependents — who not infrequently are forgotten in the process.  Professionals do not fail to recognize this.  The society typically does.

If you have a presentation you would like to share at the workshops, please contact him to discuss.  The intention is to involve resources and talent from around the valley for the greater good.

Contact Scotty Coyle, Pastor of Discipleship, Tel: 610-395-3613, ext. 30; email:  For more information on the church itself: or


As of 18 September 2019