Forward Observer: Camp Lejeune Tort Claim Caps Established

Published by Rich Hudzinski on

In our last blog article on Camp Lejeune tort claims, we were concerned about the lawyers’ fees that might be involved.  We just learned of some good news on this subject — although slow in arriving.

In late September, as a result of discussions between the Attorney General and Senator Sullivan of Alaska, the Justice Department was finally convinced to step in.  Legal fees are now limited to no more than 20% of administrative settlements and 25% for claims resulting in courtroom victories for the water contamination lawsuits.  This should include both direct attorney fees and other expenses if it parallels Sen. Sullivan’s thinking.  Apparently, some firms were charging as high as 60 to 70%.  The department also warns veterans to continue to watch out for predatory firms looking to skirt those limits.

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As of 9 November 2023