LVMAC News — Are You Transitioning? A’s for Vets Has an Education Fair for You

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Soldier Grad 3The key purposes of a GI Bill are to assist a returning military veteran in readjusting and retraining for new employment.  While not all veterans have the need or seek the use of their educational benefits, approximately 25 per cent of returning veterans do within two years of discharge.  It therefore behooves us to pay attention to their needs for us to reap the biggest gain for our society.  Academics for Veterans, or A’s for Vets, intends to do just that; and it is about to conduct its first major event with that intention.  The LVMAC alliance will conduct an education fair for military veterans and their families  on 28 February, beginning at 8 a.m., at Moravian College’s Haupert Union Building.  Click here for the details and on how to register while space is available.

A's for Vets Ed Fair Flyer 28Feb2015This is a first-of-its-kind event in Pennsylvania, for it is operating at a regional level and brings together not only public and private universities and colleges, but also our community colleges, business and trade schools all in one place in an effort to better inform and help our veterans and families to make the right decisions in choosing a school and to know how to use one’s benefits to the maximum advantage.

Consequently, this event is not a job fair in its approach.  While the schools will have tables, its primary objectives are informing and teaching.  The schedule below illustrates that point:

A's for Vets Ed Fair Schedule 28Feb2015

Our LVMAC website when explaining the A’s for Vets program states, “Each member organization of the A’s for Vets initiative brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table to better serve the Lehigh Valley’s military veterans population. Many of the representatives serving on the steering committee are already familiar with working with student veterans. In addition, many are members of military veteran families or are veterans themselves. Consequently, this unique collaborative partnership brings many view points and experience levels to the table in support of military veterans in or interested in coming to the Lehigh Valley.”  These participating member organizations are now proving their mettle.


As of 12 February 2015
13 Feb — start time of event and grammar corrections