Presented by Diane Elliott, Founder and Executive Director for Catalyst4, to the council at its 18 January 2023 meeting, this new nonprofit is striving to help the general community, especially those who have had hard luck, obtain employment training and stable housing while providing additional, needed wraparound services. In so doing, it presents a unique opportunity for military veterans who could benefit; and also a way for other military veterans to assist both them and the community in a positive way.

The next cohort starts classes on February 7.  Applications will be accepted until 31 January.  Note that the simple application requires another person to recommend the individual, for the organization needs to carefully ascertain if the person is committed to succeeding and if Catalyst4 itself is a good fit.  In other words a reference is required — but that person need not necessarily be a professional social worker as will be seen in the presentation below.

In conclusion, this is an innovative initiative which brings together other extant organizations to improve the prospects of the individual while also addressing important needs of the community.  In so doing, it supports LVMAC’s belief that both government and community nonprofits need to force the creation of more formal, holistic collaborations like this one when solving profound societal issues.  If well managed, the approach harnesses existing resources and increases the likelihood of success with the veteran; and is cost efficient as a result.

The briefing below provides additional details and who to contact for further information.






As of 19 January 2023