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Mobile AppWe are in the era of tablets and smartphones.  To take advantage of this new technology, the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Health Administration (VHA) has recently arrived on the healthcare mobile applications (apps) scene.  We believe their products may prove useful to veterans, caregivers and medical professionals, but they are not alone in producing such products.

The Defense Department preceded them.  Among the first to pioneer work in the use of mobile apps was its National Center for Telehealth & Technology (T2), one of three centers comprising the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE).  Some of its work was done jointly with the VA.

The Army’s Medical Department (AMEDD) meanwhile has developed an extensive library of mobile apps with the medical professional particularly in mind.  AMEDD’s slant shows us that mobile applications have been gaining a foothold in subject areas other than psychological health, traumatic brain injury and weight control alone.

In 2013, TRICARE (the military and military retiree healthcare program) entered onto this scene.  In addition, the Army National Guard has developed its own centralized repository of mobile apps.

Consequently, LVMAC thought it time to catalog various mobile app sites related to healthcare all in one place to aid in spreading news of them and in finding them them easily.  You will see some mobile apps on more than one site, while others are unique to the specific site.  Not all are government-developed products either.  The hopeful result is an LVMAC webpage dedicated to useful healthcare mobile applications for military veterans and their families.

It is a work in progress.


As of 24 August 2015