Presented by Brian Sabo, Program Director for the Hope Center to the council at its 15 February 2023 meeting,  Hope Center is one of three recovery centers operated by Treatment Trends, Inc. resulting from a Northampton County Department of Human Services effort to better address the substance abuse and mental issues crisis in our valley (five exist in the county).  His topic was, “A New Way of Outreach and Recovery Management That Has Impact — and Its Importance for the Veterans Community”.  There are also three centers in Lehigh County, one operated by Treatment Trends, but the overall effort appears smaller at this time.  He made it apparent that this a relatively new feature in in the substance abuse treatment and recovery community, having been in development locally only over the last five years it seems.  It is a free service and is effective for both those recovering or wanting help; and can assist in addressing a wide range of surrounding issues (e.g. employment, housing, healthcare, meetings, social activities).

Mr. Sabo also talked about related programs in which it is involved to achieve effective outreach: the Bethlehem Police’s PAIR program, the Treatment Continuum Alternative to Prison (TCAP) program, the RISE program for inmates,and the HERO which provides housing assistance.  Although these programs are not built around veterans in crisis or need of advice or assistance, they will provide assistance to them.







As of 15 February 2023
Updated 6 March 2023