LVMAC News — Rolling Thunder Takes Reins of LVMAC Visitation Program

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Rolling Thunder PA Chapter 8 LogoAs previously announced at our Council Meetings, Rolling Thunder’s PA Chapter 8 (a member organization) has taken charge of our Visitation Program.  They have been tasked to increase the number of organizations participating and, as importantly, the number of long-term care facilities in the Lehigh Valley visited.  Already this spirited organization is well on its way.

Most veterans organizations place heavy emphasis on VA and state veterans homes and frequently overlook other long-term care facilities.  It is more a question of resources than unwillingness.  Consequently, a gap in attention occurs where often most needed – the private sector. LVMAC created this program to encourage and facilitate member and other local community organizations – such as churches, veterans associations, college veterans groups, business volunteer groups, scouts and other civic organizations – in visiting as many veterans possible in nursing homes and personal care/assisted living facilities throughout Lehigh and Northampton Counties for the purpose of ensuring their welfare and improving their quality of life.

Since the Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council operates on a project management concept and because it is an association, we generally use our member organizations in one of two ways: 1) assigning a member organization to take lead on an activity (event, project or program) to work with others as needed or required; or 2) creating a steering committee which represents a formal alliance of member and non-member organizations for an activity, the leadership coming from membership organizations.  Like our effort to support Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing using our Trout Unlimited – Hokendauqua, the LVMAC Visitation Program is an example of the first method of operation.  A strategic plan, as a minimum, is then developed, followed by yearly operational guidance and monitoring.  The result allows us to put boots on the ground for worthy ideas raised from the ranks of the membership.

If interested as an organization in participating in this program, please contact the Program Coordinator, Tim Borowski, at Tel: 717-725-0527 or Email:  As needed, limited funding is provided.

For more details about the program and for the required application form, please click here.


As of 28 August 2014