LVMAC Tidbit: Commercial Truck Drivers Are a Critical Profession Needed in the Lehigh Valley

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On 20 November, (a media product of Lehigh Valley Business) reported, “The trucking industry has a shortage of drivers, and many military veterans get out of the service and struggle to find the right job to be their second career.”  The article stated Mack Trucks is donating one of its locally manufactured Anthem Trucks to the American Trucking Association to help recruit and hire veterans into the trucking industry.

The “Education and Talent Supply Report” recently released by the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation suggests the educational establishment is not meeting the demand for commercial driver’s licensed (CDL) drivers in the valley’s second highest growth industry after manufacturing — transportation.  The report listed truck driver/CDL driver as the top critical occupation in demand, and that there are difficulties in finding and retaining drivers.  Not everyone can do, for it is a demanding, skilled profession.  However,  for veterans, the situation also provides a target of opportunity for rapid employment because many have driven trucks during their military service.

And as we had reported before, serving military and veterans living in Pennsylvania may not need any schooling at all to obtain a CDL license.  A little known law,  Act 183 of 2008, allows PennDOT to waive CDL skills testing if  the applicant intends to drive a truck similar to those operated in the military.

Looking for a job?  You might want to give this occupation a shot.


As of 23 November 2018