LVMAC Tidbit — Free Airline Travel for Job Interviews

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Hire Our Heroes (HOH) will provide a free, round-trip ticket to anywhere in the country if a transitioning veteran needs to go to a job interview but is otherwise without the means to travel to and from the interview.

HOH’s reasoning is that this offer can assist small to medium size businesses in getting to an untapped market of talent which they might not typically have access because of their budget constraints.  Transitioning veterans then gain the opportunity to interview and secure opportunities prior to making the final transition back into the civilian world.

HOH hopes that by providing these benefits to all transitioning veterans, the odds of securing employment are greatly increased.

To learn more and see if you qualify, click here.

Editor’s Note: The current war has stimulated the creation of multitude of new nonprofits. Hire Our Heroes seems to be a relatively new one operated by veterans out of Virginia, but apparently connected.  No nonprofit ratings could be found, but the information above was distributed through U.S. Department of Labor sources.  Its mission is to empower veterans and employers with the knowledge, skills, and innovative tools necessary to optimize a strategic workforce.  According to its vision statement, it partners with world-class organizations and people who share in its vision to offer veterans a cost-free, best-in-class, transition experience.  HOH secures opportunities for employment where the veterans can cultivate their talents, traits, and attitudes.


As of 5 April 2014