LVMAC Tidbit — Government Shutdown Affects Veterans

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Many of you have concerns about the continuationVeterans Shutdown Field_Guide 01Oct2013 (1 of 2) of the government shutdown engineered by our Congress.

Since we are largely a veterans population in the Lehigh Valley, we thought it would be useful for you to know the facts on how you are affected.  Tap on the images on the right  for the details the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is putting out. 

The VA will be affected by the shutdown, affecting the well-being of some, unlike with the sequestration issue, which has already significantly  affected the Department of Defense.Veterans Shutdown Field_Guide 01Oct2013(2 of 2)

The short story is the Veterans Health Administration is largely unaffected as far as you are concerned.  The Veterans Benefits Administration will absorb most of the punishment, delaying processing of claims and some other services.  Expect the backlog of claims to increase once again.  And if you choose to die tomorrow, the National Cemetery Administration will bury you at a more leisurely pace.


As of 3 October 2013