LVMAC Tidbit — Home-based Primary Care Program Begins at the Allentown VA Clinic!

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va_sealAbout September 2014, the Allentown Outpatient Clinic began offering Home Based Primary Care (HBPC) according to Dr. Adelman, the new Director of the Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center.  He announced it during an 18 December meeting of the Veterans Advisory Group at the clinic.

The mission of HBPC is to provide comprehensive, interdisciplinary primary care in the homes of veterans with complex medical conditions when routine, clinic-based care would not be effective or practicable. Consequently, the program focuses on the frail and chronically ill who require interdisciplinary care and ensures the necessary continuity and coordination of the care occurs at home as much as possible. The integration of diverse services such as skilled nursing visits and home health services addressing complex medical, psychosocial, and rehabilitative needs are frequently involved.

The program does not require your applying and meeting the standards for a home-bound or aid and attendance supplemental monthly increase to a disability pension or service-connected compensation. Instead, the HBPC program targets three types of patients:

1) Those with chronic complex medical conditions, particularly those at high risk for hospitalization of nursing home placement otherwise;

2) Those who require palliative care for an advanced disease that is life-limiting and/or resistant to disease-modifying treatment;

3) Those whose home care needs are expected to be of a short duration or for a focused problem – and whose going to a clinic is not possible until after recovery.

To accomplish its purpose, the composition of the Allentown’s one HBPC team includes a primary care physician, a registered nurse, a licensed physiotherapist and a social worker.  Other disciplines, such as nutrition and psychology, are included as needed.

When assisting the veteran’s transition from a healthcare facility to home, the team also provides both patient and caregiver education; provides guidance in rehabilitation and use of adaptive equipment; recommends adaptations to the home as needed for a safe and therapeutic environment; and arranges for and coordinates additional supportive services, such as telehealth, in-home hospice, home health aide services and respite care. Therefore, in addition to providing veteran-centered medical and behavioral health care, HBPC is beneficial in assisting and supporting the primary caregiver.

If you are need of such services, you must be enrolled or automatically entitled to VA healthcare. Contact the Allentown clinic for additional information. Typically, the service is arranged through your primary care provider.


As of 19 December 2014