LVMAC Tidbit: Immediate Local VA Healthcare … As Easy as 1, 2, 3?

Published by Rich Hudzinski on

We have previously written about the VISN-4’s Health Chat program, an improvement on the previous longstanding, “night nurse” scheme that has existed for eon’s in the VA Healthcare system.  What has not been written about is the investment our VISN-4 has made to get veterans to the “right care, right now” using the modern technologies now available to it.  Spawned originally by an interest in improving the delivery of healthcare in rural areas, this cutting edge work by our VA Pennsylvania field office for healthcare is now neatly wrapped together in a package known as VA Health Connect.

Health Connect elevates the hospital call center to a 24/7 operation and integrates care by providing:

  • immediate, 24/7 clinical triage (to determine how best to help you) with a registered nurse to discuss symptoms, concerns, and receive recommendations for health care needs;
  • clinic visits to all sorts of healthcare providers via phone, video, or chat to discuss healthcare needs in detail, to include urgent or emergency care;
  • scheduling and administrative support to help veterans make, reschedule, and cancel appointments and receive additional information about VA services; and
  • convenient pharmacy support to refill and renew prescriptions and ask medication-related questions.

Probably the best explanation of what is now offered by a single call can be found here:



It is important for more veterans and their families to know of this offering.  Spread the word.



As of 19 September 2022