LVMAC Tidbit: Is Starbucks Entertaining an AFN Program in the Valley?

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A local Starbucks is sponsoring an Armed Forces Network event this Saturday, 2 March 2019.  Tap on the thumbnail of the flyer for when and where.

It is difficult to know what to make of this event and its ultimate intentions — beyond a free cup of coffee and public relations — if you listen to the buzz, but the Starbucks organization, like several other national corporations in the area, has been very supportive of hiring veterans and military spouses around major force base locations (which we lack) and is known for some other good works, such as contributions to the Blue Star Mothers national organization.

The network was founded in 2007 “to bring partners [their own employees] who served in the military together to bond over their shared experiences, to provide guidance for newly hired partners transitioning from military to civilian life and to create a veteran-friendly workforce.”  It exceeded its goal of hiring 10,000 veterans and military spouses by over 100% by the end of 2018.

All of these are positives.  And we have heard a “chapter” has recently been established in the Carlisle area where the Army War College exists.  So what is up locally?

Here are a few more published details for your edification (sic):

These networks provide ways for partners [employees] to engage in the work of diversity, inclusion and accessibility. Through these networks, partners with shared interests in areas such as race, gender, accessibility and sexual orientation address serious issues and celebrate special achievements.

This program gives our partners [employees] the opportunity to strengthen connections, share knowledge, develop professionally and create forums for education, community and professional development. Externally, the networks engage our customers and help build ties to the community.

Starbucks Partner Networks are open to all partners [employees]. Participation is self-initiated and completely voluntary.

Sounds like another Business Relations Group (BRG) to us presently.  PPL and some other local corporations have them.  If it just helps employed veterans and the spouses of  military (our local environment), and aids them in their transition, such a group would be welcomed in the valley.  Time will tell.


As of 27 February 2019