LVMAC Tidbit: Local Red Cross Seeks Special Volunteer to Serve Our Military Servicemembers and Their Families

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American Red Cross SAF PinOne of our member organizations, the Lehigh Valley-Bucks Chapter of the American Red Cross, wants to re-establish its Services to the Armed Forces (SAF) program in Lehigh, Northampton and Bucks counties.  As a first step, a special kind of volunteer, working with the regional project manager for the program, must be found.

What is the Red Cross’ SAF program in the first place?  It is a longstanding program which supports our service members in the military by connecting them with their families during emergencies, providing them resilience training to deal with the challenges of deployment, and linking their families with local community resources. Click here for a summary job description.

If interested, contact William Rodebaugh, Major, USA-Ret, Service to Armed Forces Program Manager, American Red Cross, Eastern Pennsylvania Region,3939 Broadway, Allentown, PA 18104, C: 267-294-1033, Email:

As an aside, LVMAC believes this special individual should be a veteran who is a retired, senior noncommissioned officer (E7 through E9), preferably with  recruiting experience. Regardless, this is not a job for dabblers, not a job for excuse-makers, and definitely not a job for those who do not understand the value of team work and how to build it. It is a job for the exceptional, for one who would like the challenge of rebuilding a local Red Cross service, once one of the best in the nation. It requires solid networking skills, organizing ability, and the warrior ethos. The Red Cross will teach you what else you must know.


As of 21 September 2018