LVMAC Tidbit: Medicare Scam Alert Related to New Card Issuance

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[Editors Note:  We are republishing this alert from the Vietnam Veterans of America’s Web Weekly of 23 February, since veterans are often treated as prey by unscrupulous businessmen:]

Medicare SCAM Alert!

The Scam: 

Someone from Medicare will call you and say that you’re getting a new card; they will say that until it comes, you will need a temporary card that costs between $5 and $50. And then they will ask for your bank information and credit card information to process the temporary card.

Please Don’t. This is a scam.

The Facts:

  1. Medicare communicates only by mail, unless you tell them to call you.
  2. Starting on April 1, 2018, Medicare will begin a year-long program to replace all current Medicare beneficiary cards to convert to alphanumeric ID numbers. Currently your ID number is your social security number. All the new Medicare cards will come in the mail; you don’t need to do anything. Your Medicare will show up.


As of 24 February 2018