LVMAC Tidbit: New Procedures at VA Cemeteries Due to Cornavirus

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It was to be expected, but now it is official:

As of 20 March, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ National Cemetery Administration (NCA) will only conduct committal services for groups of 10 or fewer people.

But as of 23 March, committal services (including honors) will not be conducted until further notice.  Both of these announcements, especially the latter, will affect the rendering of military honors.  They are discontinued until further notice — including those conducted by The American Legion, VFW, etc.   The same is occurring de facto at private graveside services, and funeral homes are limiting presences at their facilities, as you might have read.

Accordingly from March 23 on, while the NCA cemeteries remain open for visitation, regarding burial, families have the option of having the burial and witnessing it from a distance (limited to ten or fewer people also) without the rendering of military honors and without a committal service; or can postpone the the committal service to a a future time if they choose to go with immediate burial.

Source:  Lawrence A. Provost, Outreach Officer, Office of Engagement and Memorial Innovations (OEMI), NCA


As of 20 March 2020