We Need You!

This is the last call for those veterans who have the ability and gumption to go out on a cold night and help with the Lehigh Valley’s 2023 Point in Time (PIT) Count, the single most important data gathering tool for helping to assess and allot homelessness funding from the federal government to our valley, despite its awful flaws in accuracy and problem identification.  That being said, let us compensate for the lack of bureaucratic imagination and try to make this count as accurate as possible this time.  Low counts hurt getting the needed attention and services to our homeless veterans and others.   Volunteer!

The count in the Lehigh Valley will take place on the night of Wednesday, January 25 and during the day of Thursday, January 26. The Lehigh Valley Regional Homeless Advisory Board (LVRHAB) will be coordinating this HUD-mandated count to collect data during a single point-in-time on people, both sheltered and unsheltered, who are experiencing homelessness. As implied, the information gathered is crucial in helping to determine the need for services and to create strategies to end homelessness in our community.

If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up for the training through the link on the flyer. The training will be conducted in-person and via Zoom (link will be sent out to attendees next Tuesday). If you cannot attend, but still want to volunteer , please reach out to one of the team leaders listed below:

Ben Stephens (bstephens@lehighchurches.org) – Allentown

Bob Rapp, Jr. (brapp@bes-inc.org) – Bethlehem

Jeff Poch (jpoch@safeharboreaston.org) – Easton

Becky Latshaw (blatshaw@valleyyouthhouse.org) – Slate Belt

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As of 11 January 2023