The local chatter surrounding the Honor the PACT Act of 2022 in the Lehigh Valley tends to be about new presumptive conditions, compensation claims, and tort claims — but equally, if not more importantly for most, is the topic of access to healthcare through the VA healthcare system and when for those who served in our most recent conflicts.   For all intents and purposes, most were subject to long-term exclusion until this Act was passed. 

Therefore, healthcare access is probably the most important aspect of this recent, overdue congressional action.  Now, it is important to get the word out to those most affected to justify the effort spent by veterans organizations, a few key legislators, a president, and other advocates to correct the situation. 

Read the attached brochure and help spread the word.  In particular, first look at Page 2 of the brochure below for the categories of veterans to which the Act applies; and then the phasing-in timeline for hospital care, medical services, and nursing home care for any illness found on the on the right side of Page 1.  This is essential and important information. For the common citizen, it was not as clearly portrayed in the authorizing, hodgepodge legislative act.

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As of 3 April 2023