LVMAC Tidbit — Ritter Elementary School Wants You!

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Ritter Elementary SchoolRitter Elementary School at 740 N Plymouth St, Allentown, PA 18109, is again having its annual, fifth grade student’s veterans’ interview day (to be later followed by a veterans day celebration).  The interviews are Ritter Veteran Interview Day Flyer 8Oct2013projected to be conducted on October 8th.  This is one of the oldest school events involving veterans in the Lehigh Valley and has a sterling reputation among veterans from our community who have participated.  It is a tradition carried on by the teachers themselves in remembrance of our veterans and their contributions to our nation and community.  If you are interested please contact Rick Grab at 484-765-5661 or

Ritter School Veterans Day Flyer 8Nov2013The school will conduct its Veterans Day Celebration on November 8th, to which the participating veterans and others are invited.

For more details, please see the flyers.


As of 13 September 2013
Updated 1 October with flyers