LVMAC Tidbit — Rotary Club of Bethlehem Falls In to Help Our Local Veterans and Their Families

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Bethlehem Rotary Tastes&Tunes Flyer 5Oct2014The Rotary Club of Bethlehem, via a fundraiser in the Fall (5 October), has decided to support the Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council in its efforts to help military veterans who could use special assistance. The Council is thankful to them for their willingness to help us in serving this important segment of our society and our local community; and their effort neatly dovetails with needs being generated by some of our alliance efforts.

Together we have worked on a plan of action. Now this important, local Rotary club is springing into action as a fundraiser role and is beginning to ask our community to respond. One way is to participate in the “Tastes and Tunes” evening event to be held at the Hotel Bethlehem. Another is to become a sponsor of the event.

Rest assured the proceeds of the event will be used locally in the service of our military veteran community. It is one advantage of working with our volunteer organization of organizations.

For the registration form to attend the dinner or for information on who to contact to help sponsor the event, click here.


 As of 19 June 2014