LVMAC Tidbit — Thinking of Starting Your Own Business?

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LVVEI BannerWant to start your own business?  Tired of working for someone else?  Unemployed or underemployed and want to change your life?  You’re not alone. Nearly 40% of returning current conflict veterans have expressed a desire to work for themselves.

Can you afford to spare one night a week for ten weeks to participate in a certified program working with other veterans like yourself to learn how to do it properly, to include finding backers and financing.  Do you know this program can be offered at virtually no cost to you in the Lehigh Valley, if enough veterans step up?

Support No Stigma, a newly incorporated nonprofit now seeking 501(c)(3) status and started by a current war veteran, is in the process of launching an entrepreneurial training initiative — called the Lehigh Valley Veteran Entrepreneurship Initiative — using the Kauffman Foundation’s proven FastTrac Program.

It is willing to train veterans from any period of service later in the year, but first it must determine local interest before fully committing itself. For more information and to learn how to sign up, click here.


As of 24 May 2013