LVMAC Tidbit — Treatment Trends Seeks Case Manager for Veterans

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TTI LogoVeterans Sanctuary is dead, killed off by a lack of government-private sector cooperation, but Treatment Trends, Inc. persists in seeking ways to assist those veterans with profound drug and alcohol programs find a better life.  Now it is seeking a Veterans Treatment Case Manager to aid veterans who are receiving addiction treatment in Keenan House and the Halfway Home of the Lehigh Valley in an effort to help them access community health, veterans support services, social and VA services.  This part of a “veterans track” effort within the organization and has been recognized by the Office of Veterans Affairs, Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs with grant funding. Duties also entail referring clients to appropriate resources; advocating for them to obtain other required services as necessary; providing information and education on health-related issues; acting as a liaison for the veteran during treatment; and assisting them in planning for their aftercare. For more information or if interested in applying, click here.


As of 17 March 2015