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USAMRMC logoThe U.S. Army’s Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) is responsible to the Department of Defense (DoD) for the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP), which is charged with finding and funding often leading-edge, medical research for new devices and treatments for the many injuries and illnesses sustained by our military, veterans; and ultimately the American public.  This little known but well-regarded effort has been in existence since 1995.  It now seeks your help.  In light of all the actions this Council has taken to improve the health of our veterans, we think this is a government effort worthy of your consideration.

One of the notable features of CDMRP is that it reviews proposed new ideas using citizens on review panels to help recommend which efforts would make the most important and positive differences in people’s lives. Therefore, the program is constant need of not only medical professionals and scientists, but also veterans, service members and civilians to serve as “Consumer Reviewers.”  In other words, CDMRP seeks laymen who are living with specific conditions and diseases in addition to those who are considered subject matter experts. Click here for a quick overview of what is involved as a Consumer Reviewer and click here for greater detail.

An organization named SRA International, under contract to USAMRMC to provide a range of services supporting scientific and technical merit review of the thousands of research grant applications, has approached the Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council to help find interested people from our area.  It is seeking Consumer Reviewers for the programs shown in the table below:

Table - Consumer Reviewers SoughtClick on table to enlarge

If interested, find a sponsor and complete Part I and II of the Consumer Nomination Form, attaching the following:

– the personal statement required in Part II. The SRA Point of Contact below is willing to do a phone interview to discuss the questions and assist in creating the statement.

– a current Resume or Curricula Vitae or a military form that includes your experience/training and work history

– a letter of support from a sponsor individual/agency/organization highlighting your participation in advocacy, commitment to learning about and sharing scientific and medical information, communication skills, participatory skills, and ability to represent his/her community’s perspective.

See Part III of the Form if you are on Active Duty.

Once completed, submit the application to the local Point of Contact, Ms. Ann Dodelin at or to

Editor’s Note:  If you are an organization with an interest in one of the subject areas, help find a nominee and contact them to complete the above application.


As of 25 September 2015