LVMAC Tidbit: VA Promoting “Gerofit”

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Apparently, the VA has launched a new initiative called, “Gerofit”, for its elderly veterans — a sizeable portion of the population it serves.   Accordingly, this effort may be of some value to you in improving the quality of your life — something practicable in subject area of preventive healthcare and akin to the idea of “SilverSneakers” available in some Medicare plans but in a more integrated way.

In Pennsylvania, the on-site program is currently only offered at Pittsburgh’s VA Medical Center, but one can hope if the program proves itself, it will rapidly expand.  There are 15 sites nationwide already.

In the meantime, the link below provides useful resources and information on what is a part of the VA’s recent directions in Geriatric and Extended Healthcare programs.  Indeed, you might wish to read up on all VA offers in this topic area.  Talk to your VA healthcare primary care provider about them.  In the VA system, your provider is meant to be proactive about your care.  Interest can move that proactivity along.

For more information, click here: Gerofit – A Program Promoting Exercise and Health for Older Veterans – Geriatrics and Extended Care


As of 11 September 2020