LVMAC Tidbit — VALOR Mini-Stand Down Moves to Downtown Bethlehem

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Persistence pays.  VALOR Clinic Foundation, a member of the Lehigh Valley Homeless Veterans Action Committee (an LVMAC alliance) is conducting another one of its mini-stand downs in the Lehigh Valley.  This time it will be on 16 August at Sand Island in the City of Bethlehem.  It is its second attempt to reach out to the homeless in the Bethlehem area and its fifth stand down in the Lehigh Valley this year — the three other ones were conducted in the Allentown area.  As related in a previous article, this nonprofit will serve any homeless person, not just veterans … but getting to our homeless veterans is its first priority.  If you know of one, contact Bob Rapp (see flyer below).  Transportation can be arranged.

VALOR Stand Down Flyer 16Aug2014


As of 11 August 2014