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Using the Creative Arts

With Jason Moon



June 19 – 23, 2013

Pendle Hill, Wallingford, PA  (Click on for map location)

For more info: info@warriorsongs.org

Website: www.warriorsongs.org

This retreat will offer a safe and supportive healing space and retreat model. Warrior Songs is committed to facilitating healing through the creative arts to reclaim life with joy and hope. NO ART EXPERIENCE OR ABILITY NECESSARY!

Experienced facilitators offer various types of art modalities such as painting, music, and storytelling to help participants fully understand and integrate all aspects of the war experience. Departure, service, and transition home are explored in depth allowing art to become testimony to the pain as well as to the joy of the healing process. Each participant will create a personal plan of action moving them forward to a new perspective and to deeper healing.

Retreat will be limited to 16-18 people. This small size ensures a quality experience and safe container for each person’s truth to be shared, honored and held. These four day retreats are designed to balance time for reflection, introspection, expression and creativity.

Registration is required.  See the two forms below:

Warrior Songs Retreat Guidelines 19Jun2013  (Word Doc)
Warrior Songs Retreat Guidelines 19Jun2013  (PDF)
Warrior Songs Retreat Registration 19Jun2013  (Word Doc)
Warrior Songs Retreat Registration 19Jun2013  (PDF)

If you are from the Lehigh Valley and want more information or require transportation, please contact Jason Kamora at JasonKamora@treatmenttrends.org.


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