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VVA Warns Vets to Get Smart About Compensation and Pension (C&P) Examinations

The Vietnam Veterans of America wants you to know the first question the veteran should ask the VA doctor is, “Have you had a chance to review my claim file?”    If the answer is no, the veteran should ask the doctor to first review the claim file. The veteran should only proceed with the exam after the doctor has reviewed all the information the veteran has submitted and VA has received regarding the claim (the claim file or c-file).

The same is true when the veteran asks his or her own doctor to provide an opinion on the claim. The doctor must review the veteran’s entire claims file, state that he or she has read it, and comment on the veteran’s military and medical history contained in the file so that it is apparent the doctor has actually reviewed the records.

If you, the veteran, had an examination that was short, cursory, or one in which the doctor asked questions that he or she should have known from reviewing your records, you will want to obtain a copy of the C&P exam from VA.  You are entitled to one free copy under the Privacy Act.

If the doctor did not state that he or she read your claim file, and misstated or left out relevant facts contained in the claim file, you will want to point that out to VA, and you will want to ask for a new examination.  If such is the case, we suggest you use your veterans service officer to help you do this (that is, the organization, governmental or veteran, to whom you have assigned Power of Attorney).

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As of 1 March 2012