LVMAC Tidbits — Small Games of Chance Law Changed

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Bill Increases Prizes for Small Games of Chance

On 2 February, Governor Corbett of Pennsylvania signed House Bill 169 into law as Act 2 of 2012, a bill for which the veterans organizations in this state lobbied long and hard and considered by some necessary for their continued charitable works, in the face of declining memberships.  The thirty day grace period having passed, the law is now in effect.

While it raises gaming  limits for raffles and other games of chance and allows a portion of the proceeds to be used for the operations of home associations (formerly gaming proceeds could not be used towards this purpose) — all good news for the veterans organizations —  the new law is also more stringent.    Due to the number of changes in this new law, including new  accounting and enforcement provisions,  the veterans organizations have urged the Department o Revenue to conduct training as a result.  Scofflaws, beware.

Currently a good summary is found on the state American Legion  website, but the go-to-site for implementation is the Department of Revenue’s website.  There you will find  a newly revised Small Games of Chance Overview (formerly known as the Small Games of Chance Primer), list of amendments, forms, and a slide show explaining what has happened.

The actual enacted bill can be found on the state’s legislative website.

As of 2 April 2012