LVMAC Tidbits

Veterans Sanctuary is now open for business. If you have not heard, as 19 May 2011, Veterans Sanctuary — a new drug, alcohol, and PTSD therapeutic community treatment program for Pennsylvania’s veterans and located in the newly renovated building at 24 S. Fifth St., Allentown —  cleared the last licensing Read more…


Speaker:  Mr. Stephen Lew, the Army Wounded Warrior (AW2) Program’s Advocate (contractor) for our region spoke to the Council at its 18 May meeting, explaining the program and his role within it.

Not to be confused with the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit organization, AW2  is “the official Army program that serves the severely wounded, ill, and injured soldiers, veterans, and their families, wherever located and for as long as it takes” – even a lifetime if necessary. It was created in 2004 as part Army Medical Command’s response to a critical need to transform outpatient care and services. (more…)


Speaker:  Dr. Margot O’Donnell, a Pyschiatrist with Philadelphia VA Medical Center’s Women’s Clinic spoke on women in the military.  Overall, women now comprise 9-11% of the military service (in the Active Components it is 14%) and 90% of positions are available to them.  There are also 250,000 female veterans nowadays and the number is growing and compared to the general population of veterans is growing and getting younger. This presents new challenges for the VA.



Scholarship Program:  Deadline for submissions is 15 May.  Marketing is occurring.  Go to “Items of Note” on Homepage for more information.

Homelessness:  Evidently Wilkes-Barre VA is not interested (more…)


Veterans Diversion Courts: The Veterans Affairs Committee is looking into Veterans Diversion Courts at this time. It has observed what has gone on in Philadelphia and notes that there are now such courts in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Lackawanna Counties of this state. It is going to start off by getting a speaker or two on the subject to come to a council meeting so the council and our community have a better understanding of what it is about and what is involved. It’s not a parole program. It has to do with steering a life back before prison time, not after. Judges, attorneys, mental health professionals, the VA, police, and others must all be involved to make it successful.

Scholarship Program: The scholarship program has been revamped as was reported at the last council meeting. It’s a major overhaul of the program to keep up with the changing times. If we guessed wrongly, we will readjust, but currently there is renewed emphasis on veterans seeking employment and their children plus those willing to make an active duty service commitment while in college (ROTC). A new business plan has been developed and a new brochure and application forms have been created. The new scholarship committee will meet 22 February to start off the new cycle. See LVMAC Scholarship Program Brochure .

Homelessness: The VA Summit at the Allentown Clinic was cancelled …