Visitation Program


 Most veterans organizations place heavy emphasis on VA and state veterans homes and many overlook the other long-term care facilities. It is more a question of resources than unwillingness.  Consequently, a gap in attention occurs where often most needed – the private sector. LVMAC created this program to encourage and facilitate member and other local community organizations – such as churches, veterans associations, college veterans groups, business volunteer groups, scouts and other civic organizations – in visiting as many veterans possible in nursing homes and personal care/assisted living facilities throughout Lehigh and Northampton Counties for the purpose of ensuring their welfare and improving their quality of life.

 How to Get Involved

If interested as an organization in participating in this program, please contact the Program Coordinators, Bruce Davis or Bill Allem at email

 In addition, LVMAC provides limited funding assistance to defray costs for cards, gifts and entertainment of the veterans. Coordination and/or pre-approval of the estimated amount of reimbursement and final submission for reimbursement begins with the use of the dual purpose,  Visitation Program Application and Report form.  Instructions for the use of the form are found by clicking here.  Both can be downloaded.  Email is the preferred mode of operation.

Do not seek reimbursement after the fact.

LVMAC membership is encouraged but not required. Only 501(c)(3) nonprofits, church-status organizations and tax-exempt veterans organizations will be reimbursed. 

Target Audience

Veterans living in private for-profit and nonprofit long-term care facilities and county nursing homes within the Lehigh Valley, defined as Lehigh and Northampton County. Those in Commonwealth veterans homes (aka Veterans’ Centers) and Department of Veterans Affairs veterans homes (aka Community Living Centers) are not the target audience because they are not within the valley and already well-visited by veterans and veterans-associated groups. Also, very few Lehigh Valley veterans use them. Finally, these facilities – unlike those locally – typically have some form of a veterans’ advisory council to help ensure the facilities are properly attending to the needs of veterans. 

 The Demographics

Nearly 70 percent of those turning 65 will require some form of long-term care in their lifetimes, according to a 2006 Congressional Quarterly report. Veterans are no different, though occasionally the severely war wounded are likely to use these facilities earlier than the general population.

Aging of Veterans in the Lehigh Valley

65+ Veterans Demographic

Lehigh County

Northampton County

Lehigh Valley

30 September 2012




30 September 2015




30 September 2020




     Source: VA VP2007 County_Living_Veterans_Web.xls

Long-Term Care Facilities in the Lehigh Valley

Only local, long-term care facilities approved and licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in Lehigh and Northampton counties are part of the program:

  • Nursing Homes: Click here and enter Lehigh or Northampton County in Geographic Search Section upper left corner, the press “Find Matching Nursing Care Facilities” under the picture.
  • Assisted Living Residences: Click here and enter Service Code: Assisted Living and the County: Lehigh or Northampton and then press “Submit Search.”
  • Personal Care Homes: Click here and enter Lehigh or Northampton in the County field and then press “Submit Search.”



Updated:  8 March 2022