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The CCC of the Modern Era

Looking for a more personal way to help veterans: those in need of someone with whom to talk?

A human voice sometimes has magical powers. A caring heart is a gift from God — something learned, not automatic.  And on that note, the VA has learned something and created what it calls the Compassionate Contact Corps. The program began in 2020 and is just arriving at the Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center and its network now.

The program is a result of a partnership between the Veterans Health Administration’s Volunteer Services (VAVS) program and its Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, Caregiver Support, Home-Based Primary Care, Women’s Health, and Whole Health services.

The upshot is that military veterans can benefit from this tele-support program if they are lonely, socially isolated or would simply like to talk to someone regularly. Trained volunteers provide support by making periodic phone calls or video calls typically 15 to 60 minutes in length “to provide socialization and companionship”.  The arrangements and matching are done by the VA Medical Center.  Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center has also informed us that meetings in public spaces are allowed if the parties are willing (Meet over a cup of coffee, on occasion, perhaps?).  By the way, you need not be a veteran to provide this service, although having served can help.

All volunteers must complete Compassionate Contact Corps training — some of it done on line.  This training consists includes modules on confidentiality, privacy, customer service, empathy, compassion, support and boundaries to support health and welfare check approach.  It does not offer clinical, spiritual, or financial advice or guidance to military veterans or their caregivers. In addition, a background check, fingerprinting and obtaining a Volunteer Photo ID will be required. 

If interested in joining the Compassionate Contact Corps (CCC), please reach out to its local program coordinator:  Louis Smith, CDCE Specialist, tel: 570-824-3521 x27448, email:

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For additional information on the program:  click here.


As of 24 April 2024
Updated 26 April 2024