– Acinetobacter (multi-drug resistant)

Agent Orange Exposure

Commonly Associated Agent Orange Diseases

Spina Bifida in Veteran’s Children

Korea and various stateside and overseas locations

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

– Animal Bites / Rabies

Birth Defects in Women Veterans’ Children

Burn Pits

Camp Lejeune Water Contamination

Chemical or Biological Contamination

Chemical or Biological Contamination – Resource #2

Chemical Warfare Agents Experiments at Aberdeen/Edgewood Arsenal 

Chemical Warfare Agent Experiments

Chronic Multisymptom Illness (Gulf War Syndrome); Resource #2 (MUS)

Cold Injury

Cold War Health Risks

– Combined Penetrating, Blunt Trauma, Burn Injuries (Blast Injuries)

Depleted Uranium Resource #1;

Depleted Uranium Resource #2

– Dermatologic Issues

Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQ)

–  Exposure to Nuclear Weapons (including testing or cleanup)

Gulf War Health Risks

Gulf War Illness

Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses; Diagnosis and Treatment of Gulf War Illnesses

Gulf War Syndrome

Heat Injuries

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B – Resource #2

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C -Resource #2


Vaccinations and Medications

Infectious Disease of SW Asia (i.e. Leishmaniasis and Malaria)

Korean War Health Risks

Mental Health Issues

Military Exposures

Military Sexual Trauma

Mustard Gas

Noise Exposures

Nuclear Weapons Testing (Atomic Veterans); Other Provider Resources

Oil Well Fires

OIF/OEF/OND (Global War on Terrorism) Era Health Risks

Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF Hazardous


Other Potential Environmental Exposures

Project 112/Project SHAD

PTSD Resource #1

PTSD Resources #2 (VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines)


Radiation Exposure: Radiation

– Reproductive Health Issues

Spina Bifida in Veterans’ Children

Spinal Cord Injury

Substance abuse

Toxic Embedded Fragments (shrapnel)

Traumatic Amputation Resource #1; Resource #2 (VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines)

Traumatic Brain Injury Resource #1;

Traumatic Brain Injury Resource #2 (VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines)

VA.DoD Evidence Based Clinical Practices

VA Portal

Vietnam War Health Risks

Vision Impairment/Loss

World War II Health Risks