Monuments Project


This webpage electronically records the work originally begun in 2005 to document all the military monuments and markers in the Lehigh Valley (Lehigh and Northampton counties) for the purposes of promoting awareness of our local military veterans’ contributions in service to our nation and to encourage public officials and citizens’ groups to adopt and care for sometimes forgotten memorials. 

The sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform who have gone before us must never be forgotten. Their willingness to defend this nation has secured us freedoms, rights, and blessings. Therefore, when we erect war monuments to our military history, they should do more than serve as remembrances of individuals and their feats. They ought to give us pause to reflect on why these men and women served at the particular times in our history. Only then can we hope to give their sacrifices meaning and everlasting value.

For more information, please email, ATTN: Mr. Jerry Still.

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How to Use

Provided below are two methods to find the monument(s) in which you are interested. The first is a simple category listing by county and city/town. The second means allows for more advanced searches using zip code numbers, dates, names, etc.

How to Add a Monument or Marker to the Listing

 This site is a living project. To add a monument or marker, please email with Subject: ATTN: Monuments Project. Include the following information with a good quality photograph(s):

  • County: Lehigh or Northampton only
  • City: 
  • Monument Name: the formal name
  • Site Location: 
  • Street Location: 
  • Map Location: google map link
  • Zip: 
  • Erected By:
  • Dedicated:
  • Owned By: 
  • Maintained by:
  • Remarks: such as whom the monument celebrates if not obvious or came to be
  • Contact:  telephone number or other contact information of the owner’s office responsible for its maintenance.