Veterans Reading Brigade

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The Program

The Veterans Reading Brigade is part of LVMAC’s community educational outreach efforts. The Reading Brigade brings our community’s veterans into its elementary schools to read short stories to children. Veterans read a pre-approved book of a historical or military nature which is then donated to the classroom along with an educator’s guide.

For more information about the program, to volunteer as a reader or as an organization with veterans, or to request a reader at an elementary school, please email, Subject: ATTN: Veterans Reading Brigade A Veterans Reading Brigade Committee Coordinator will contact you.

For the Veterans Reading Brigade Rack Card: click here.

Additional Program Resources

We provide the following, carefully selected links to teachers, counselors, and students in the Lehigh Valley to help them understand the value and importance of our military, veterans and their families in our communities. These sites will also help in understanding the challenges that these families may face as members of our school communities.

We intend to sensitize counselors, teachers, and the students they serve to the value and importance of our military, veterans and their families to our communities and our nation throughout our history. We hope to foster the desire for a greater understanding of the challenges they may face as members of our school communities while contributing to a strengthening of democratic society that requires no military service obligation from its citizens – thus, having less direct knowledge and understanding of their needs.

The program also desires to stimulate more efforts from our veterans and others to the benefit of our school districts and the children of military and veterans within them. Education is key to the survival of our nation as a democracy.

For Educators and Counselors:

For Families and Children:

  • Military Families Near and Far is a site that allows the user to create works of art and music to send to deployed loved ones. It also has valuable resources for family members and networking capabilities for older children.


Last Updated: 11 March 2024