… become a member of a very special organization

There aren’t very many “ecumenical”, regional organizations to attend to the concerns of military veterans.

The Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council is the region’s largest community-service organization dedicated to awareness of, advocacy for, and assistance to the Lehigh Valley military-veterans community. Connect with others, get access to critical resources, and play a role in tackling issues that impact our military-veterans community. Join LVMAC.

 Categories of Membership: One need not be a veteran organization or a veteran to join!

     – Member Organizations. An organization may apply to become a member of the LVMAC provided:

    1. the organization’s goals are in accord with the goals of LVMAC;
    2. the organization is willing to abide by the by-laws of the LVMAC;
    3. the organization is located in Lehigh or Northampton County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania;
    4. the organization’s principal representative has immediate access to a telephone and/or e-mail;
    5. the organization shall provide a postal mailing address where correspondence may be delivered; and
    6. the organization meets criteria as established by LVMAC.

     – Associate Members.

    1. Entities whose headquarters are not located within Lehigh or Northampton County.
    2. Subsidiaries of an organization.
    3. Those organizations that prefer to be associates.
    4. Individuals (not generally encouraged as we are an organization of organizations)

 Voting Rights of Members: Only Member Organizations may vote. Each Member Organization is entitled to only one (1) vote exercised by a designated representative present at a Council meeting.

 Membership Dues: None. The cost is effort on your part.

 Council Meetings: Once a month. See Council Meetings for time and place.

 Additional Details: See Article 3 of the Bylaws (found under About >> Organizaional Documents)

How to Apply

DOWNLOAD the application form (to ensure all PDF features and “hover” instructions appear).  Complete and forward by email as instructed on the form. Your application will be reviewed and the Membership Committee will be in contact with you.