Arrange to speak to the Council … using these speaker guidelines

Speaker presentations to the council are a unique opportunity to reach and engage our member organizations in a large group setting. Our membership is diverse and consists of veterans’ organizations, businesses, government organizations, educational and religious institutions, healthcare and social service organizations, and civic groups.

LVMAC requires that these presentations address topics and issues of relevance specifically to the Lehigh Valley serving military, veterans and their families – especially where the awareness and support from our membership is needed.

As council meetings are also business meetings, speakers are generally limited to approximately twenty (20) minutes of informationallowing for questions, on a specific topic approved by and coordinated with the council’s speakers committee chairman.

Priority for speaking engagements goes to member organizations.

LVMAC administrative support for speakers includes digital projection and computer access for standard business software such as PowerPoint and Adobe Reader.

To help you build a presentation, below are some key items LVMAC desires speaking opportunities to accomplish:

  1. Highlighting important topics and current events that have an impact upon serving military or veterans in the Lehigh Valley geographic area.
  2. Informing member organizations of important benefits for serving military or veterans that are available in the geographic area
  3. Explaining your organization’s activities and programs in support of military or veterans in the Lehigh Valley geographic area.
  4. Identifying benefits and services you provide that are available to serving military or veterans at no cost.
  5. Informing our member organizations of what they should/can do to reach out and assist you in helping our serving military or veterans.

There are topics that are inappropriate for LVMAC speaking engagements. A few of the more obvious ones include: 

  1. “Sales pitches” to member organizations or veterans proper
  2. Presentations on services where the presenter has a financial stake in the service and the veteran must pay to receive the service.
  3. Presentations where the individual presenter is outlining a topic where the veteran engaging on these topics must pay out his/her pocket to receive the service/benefit being presented.
  4. Presentations driven by politics, such as campaign speeches.


Point of Contact:  For additional information or to schedule, initially contact the speaker chairman, Shawn Welch, via email using SpeakerChair@lvmac.org.

Speaker Guidelines Handout: To view, download this PDF document.

Currently Scheduled Speakers for this year:   click here.