Financial Management

Introduction #

Finding guidance to help one navigate one’s way successfully in matters of finance and figuring out what you do need and do not can be a tricky matter in this country.  Whom can you trust is another issue. Below are few useful, one-stop websites with a concern for military servicemembers and military veterans.

National Veterans Financial Resource Center (FINVET) #

Forget the mental health tagging silliness which accompanies this new effort (as of about March 2024), the following site has broader application for finding helpful, unbiased financial tools and resources to advise and help one along one’s journey in life is often a tall order: FINVET.

This is a soup-to-nuts site for providing guidance in:

The USAA Educational Foundation #

Founded in 1922 by twenty-five Army officers who decided to insure each other’s vehicles in an era when pay was low and the military neglected, USAA has grown into an organization which serves millions of current and former servicemembers and their families as a fully integrated financial services organization. As part of that mission, it has created The USAA Educational Foundation to provide trusted information and which does not endorse or sell any products.   The product provided here is meant “… to empower people to take actions that increase their financial resiliency and improve their quality of life”.

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Last Updated: 19 April 2024



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