Partnering Opportunities

VA Pathfinder #

Launched in 2022, The Department of Veterans Affairs launched to serve as the ‘front door’ for vendors and innovators to engage with VA in an effort to provide “a virtual concierge to streamline procurement and innovation.”  It also provides useful resources.  Click here for more background.

Veterans Trust Fund #

The Veterans Trust Fund (VTF) grant program is intended for “new, innovative and exmapnded programs or service that increase or improve services to veterans in their county, region, or across the Commonwealth.”  Notice and applications normally occur towards the end of the year.


LVMAC uses a form of hybrid organizing. While LVMAC uses functional organizations for needed internal support activities (e.g. for membership and information technology), it also uses project/programoriented, focused collective impact committees (coalitions and alliances) standing and ad hoc to accomplish most of its mission. This distributes committed, volunteer labor, upon which it depends, as effectively as can be done and prevents dilution of their enthusiasm on subjects not of interest to them. All functional committees are expected work in a weak matrix management arrangement in the service of these project/program committees, when directed.

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As of 12 June 2022

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