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A Unique Education to Employment Fair to Occur

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Academics for Veterans (A’s for Vets)  had approached and the CareerLink Lehigh Valley has agreed to a joint event, an Education and Employment Fair, at the CareerLink on Union Boulevard, Allentown.  It will occur on 10 November 2016 between the hours of 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.  It is but another unique offering from A’s for Vets — something for which it is becoming known.  This event is open to any veteran seeking education and/or employment.  It is not open to the general public.

In this joint venture, the member schools of the A’s for Vets alliance will educate veterans on the various educational opportunities and benefits available to them, while CareerLink and employers specifically interested in hiring veterans provide their information and recruit.  By bringing both groups together, it is hoped that businesses and institutions of higher learning enhance their coordinating in the best interests of our veterans.

For example, sometimes a company would hire a person if the individual had additional training.  This venue affords the opportunity to make direct referrals to schools that can satisfy that requirement. Alternatively, the Department of Labor and Industry’s veterans employment representatives can inform an employer of  on-the-job training programs and tax credits available to it if they hired a veteran.

The schools also gain the chance to develop working relationships with employers interested in veterans; and their  job placement offices  are afforded the possibility to further develop their veterans employer lists.

The ultimate aim of the G.I. bill is readjustment and employment of returning veterans.  This gathering, therefore, allows the potential for a synergism which helps all to honor this purpose.  For more information and details, click here.


As of 25 September 2016