LVHN/VHP Veterans Day Program

You’re Invited to a Veterans Day Program  Speakers include: Brian A. Nester, DO, MBA, President and Chief Executive Officer, Lehigh Valley Health Network Joseph Yozviak, DO, Chief Medical Officer, Valley Health Partners Army Sgt. 1st Class (Retired) Eric Darling, MA, Valhalla Veterans Services: “The Deadly Recipe of Veteran Suicide”  Nov. 9, Read more…

LVMAC Forward Observer: Need to Talk to Someone Over the Afghanistan Situation?

LVMAC Poster Art 2005With the sometimes venal political beat-ups over decisions made past and present in regard to the recent events in Afghanistan, compounded by local reporters trying to solicit comments from any current era veterans about their thoughts over the matter for the sake of a story and the blitz of media video and pictures,  it is should be no surprise that a few veterans are in a funk; or, in extreme cases, experiencing a resurfacing of post-traumatic stress.

While for the majority, a listening ear from family, friends, and associates is all that might be necessary, it is also good to know bona fide resources for more serious situations.  Many of these can be found through the Answers Desk section of this website, but are re-listed here for convenience.  Our thanks to Jenna Jordan of Spectrum News, Cleveland, Ohio, who actually did something useful through contacting the VA. One or two of the resources might surprise you: (more…)