LVMAC Tidbit: Comp and Pension Exams Resume

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All C&P Exam Locations Now Open

For those in the process of settling a claim submission, some good news.  Not everything is resolvable via telecommunications, the use of which is reportedly up a thousand percent.  The Veterans Benefits Administration’s operations must have been severely affected, therefore.

The VA has partnered with specialized contract examiners to resume in-person Compensation & Pension (C&P) exams related to disability benefits at their designated contract facilities and not at VA medical facilities. Your local VA Medical Center (VAMC) will still conduct VA medical appointments and testing related to your health care. Specific safety requirements are still in place for Veterans’ health. While specialty exams are only performed when it is safe, certain areas have allowed removal of personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to complete the appointment.

For more information regarding locations in your area, please visit:

Source: VA News Email, 18 September 2020


As of 18 September 2020